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At present all web/online businesses are on their toes to make sure that they have an edge over their competitors. To stay amongst this fierce competition online/web business needs to keep changing and adding more features rapidly to their software product. And this, in turn, has changed the way new feature updates and releases are done. These applications operate in a very dynamic environment with rapid release cycle modes.

This is where software testing comes into play ensuring that the application is reliable and able to operate consistently under peak loads. The QA team will also make sure the potential release version meets all the functional and performance requirements before certifying the particular release. Our independent testing facility is manned by Test Engineers with 7 + years of experience and our team uses efficient and state-of-the-art defect management tools.

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We use different manual testing methods like Usability Testing to check the user-friendliness and intuitiveness of the application. The main goal is to find out where users might get distracted and wander off to a different site. Our team here at Xminds ensures that the application is an easy-to-use, user-friendly application that provides a positive customer experience. Functional testing ensures that the application complies with all the required functionality mentioned in the requirement specifications. The team at Xminds validates the behaviour of the software application and ensures that the features of the application are in line with the requirements provided by the client.


The objective of automated regression testing is to ensure that the product remains functional across previous versions and it also verifies that the changes introduced during the new release have not introduced any bugs. This mode of testing is imperative when there are continuous improvements done in the software application. Our team at Xminds creates the test plan and runs automated test cases on a daily basis to avoid last-minute surprises.

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