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The era of artificial intelligence has arrived! You might be shocked to learn that with the correct AI-based solution, nearly any business activity can be automated or enhanced. To achieve peak performance, our knowledgeable staff makes use of the newest AI technologies, which smoothly integrate with already-in-use platforms and systems.

 Expertise in different AI projects and excellent customer satisfaction


We are skilled at transforming your data into insightful information. Our machine learning and AI solutions can assist you in overcoming even the most challenging issues because we have numerous successful cases to our credit. This will advance your company to the top of the business.

If you are sick of the same old generic unspecialized & uncustomizable plans for your business, come to Xminds for a fresh perspective. Our experts will use AI to create a custom development solution specifically for you that will go above and beyond your expectations. In order to provide you with the finest possible solution, we are not hesitant to think outside the box and challenge benchmarks.

How we work


The first step is the discovery phase. This includes identifying what your idea vision is, who will be the target audience etc.



The first step is the discovery phase. This includes identifying what your idea vision is, who will be the target audience etc.


Why Choose Xminds as your ML partner?


Identifying and resolving any potential threats in advance


Experienced data management & High-quality services


Significant experience in Ai implementation with 18 years of combined app and software development expertise.


Latest technology and superior security measures


Adaptable and flexible services


An efficient and expert team that uses Ai to enhance the user experience and app performance & efficiency.

Our Artificial Intellegence Services


You may lighten your workload by utilising AI chatbots for a variety of tasks like staff onboarding, product marketing, and customer care. Engagement and satisfaction can be raised by having a cognitive robot communicate with your customers on the platform of their choosing. You may focus on more critical duties and increase the efficiency of your business by giving the chatbot jobs like customer service enquiries.

Computer vision

As computer vision technology advances, organisations have a variety of new opportunities. With the aid of Xminds' top-notch AI development services, your business may benefit from the most recent developments in computer vision. Our services can help you by enhancing object detection, image analysis, and emotion recognition, among other things. Don't be afraid to contact us if you want to give your company new opportunities.

NLP (Natural Language Processing)

It's critical for businesses to stay on top of emerging trends and technology, especially if doing so could give them a competitive advantage. One such field that is continually changing is natural language processing, where new tools and functions are being created all the time. NLP is used in chatbots, sentiment analysis, machine translation, and advanced search algorithms, all of which could offer your company the push it needs to flourish. Therefore, if you have not already embraced NLP, do so right away!

For whom

  • For Startups

    Greater flexibility 
    Focus on core business 
    Reduced development time and cost
  • For SMB

    In-house Management
    Regulation compliance
    Technical support
  • For Enterprise

    Mitigating organizational risk
    Certified Engineers 
    Experience in Long-terms projects

Long-term journey

We started our journey with the idea of creating innovative products, and we have been following this trend since 2004 and continue to build technological solutions for our customers.



Charles Jacobson
CTO - Strategy and Content, Isentia

“We’ve used Xminds at King Content for the past 4 years. During this time they’ve provided skillful developers who communicate well and are a pleasure to deal with. Xminds are also very flexible and ready help no matter how short the time-frame is. They’ve made offshore development easy for King Content and I’ll definitely use them again.”

Jeremy Samuel

"We used XMinds when we were in a whole world of pain… other developers had let us down badly.XMinds came in , did a qa of the existing code, created a handover and completion plan and then set about getting the job done properly.After our first experience, we were pretty burned.By the time XMinds got done, we were very satisfied.They delivered a great result, were fantastic to work with and provided code that could be easily understood and kept updated.I would definitely recommend them for any complex software development project."

Christiaan Erik Rijnders

“Xminds did a thorough, creative and professional job on the interface of our Augmented Reality Eyes application for Android. The remote integration with the work of our engineers in Italy was seamless and Xminds delivered exactly on time. We look forward to working with Xminds again.”

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