Machine Learning

By enabling prediction and decision-making, AI and machine learning are quickly altering various sectors. There are currently machine learning SDKs, frameworks, tools, and APIs that make it simpler to embrace these cutting-edge technologies.

 Experienced team of Machine learning engineers


We take great pride in having a group of exceptionally talented and knowledgeable ML engineers in our organization. Our engineers can give you advice on how to incorporate ML technologies into your company because they have a combined 18 years of experience in the industry. Our team is here to assist you whether you need assistance with a new project or solutions to challenging questions.

At Xminds, we think that finding the best-fitting solutions is the best course of action. We constantly work to make our collaboration a satisfying experience for everyone involved. Our specialists will talk about your request, consider your needs, and come up with a solution that delights parties.

How we work


The first step is the discovery phase. This includes identifying what your idea vision is, who will be the target audience etc.



The first step is the discovery phase. This includes identifying what your idea vision is, who will be the target audience etc.


Why Choose Xminds as your ML partner?


Identifying and resolving any potential threats in advance


Experienced data management & High-quality services


Save time and money


Latest technology and superior security measures


Adaptable and flexible services


Effective and efficient Algorithms

Our Machine Learning services

Data engineering

We are aware that big companies need to analyze progressively bigger amounts of data every day. Professional data engineering is required if you want to exploit big data and streamline company processes. To deliver effective ML services that are customized to match the unique requirements of your organization, our team of skilled experts will build trustworthy data pipelines, collect accurate information from numerous sources, and prepare it for analysis.

Development of Machine Learning model

If you submit a business case to us, we'll review it and develop an algorithm that satisfies your needs. To achieve the best outcomes, we will then train machine learning models using either your real data or fictitious data. Our ML team provides a solution that is prepared for quick implementation.

ML Data Analysis

Make the most of your database inputs by appropriately analysing them using machine learning (ML). By doing so, you'll be better able to comprehend client wants and foresee changes in market demand, pricing, competition, etc. You will have a competitive advantage in your sector if you have this kind of understanding, so contact Xminds for excellent services!

For whom

  • For Startups

    Greater flexibility 
    Focus on core business 
    Reduced development time and cost
  • For SMB

    In-house Management
    Regulation compliance
    Technical support
  • For Enterprise

    Mitigating organizational risk
    Certified Engineers 
    Experience in Long-terms projects

Long-term journey

We started our journey with the idea of creating innovative products, and we have been following this trend since 2004 and continue to build technological solutions for our customers.



Charles Jacobson
CTO - Strategy and Content, Isentia

“We’ve used Xminds at King Content for the past 4 years. During this time they’ve provided skillful developers who communicate well and are a pleasure to deal with. Xminds are also very flexible and ready help no matter how short the time-frame is. They’ve made offshore development easy for King Content and I’ll definitely use them again.”

Jeremy Samuel

"We used XMinds when we were in a whole world of pain… other developers had let us down badly.XMinds came in , did a qa of the existing code, created a handover and completion plan and then set about getting the job done properly.After our first experience, we were pretty burned.By the time XMinds got done, we were very satisfied.They delivered a great result, were fantastic to work with and provided code that could be easily understood and kept updated.I would definitely recommend them for any complex software development project."

Christiaan Erik Rijnders

“Xminds did a thorough, creative and professional job on the interface of our Augmented Reality Eyes application for Android. The remote integration with the work of our engineers in Italy was seamless and Xminds delivered exactly on time. We look forward to working with Xminds again.”

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